"You really are a storyteller, which is something that a lot of cover artists are lacking in the industry – it’s the hardest thing to teach, too, and I’m just blown away by how you nail these concepts."

Jeanine Schaefer Editor at Marvel Comics.

"Your work was a perfect fit with the story and you were absolutely professional from the beginning."

Stephen Wacker Editor at Marvel Comics.

"Mike’s illustrations always seem to capture exactly what I had envisioned (oftentimes better) and he simply seems to understand the tone of the story and brings the characters to life in a way that’s always surprising."

Adam Garcia. Writer. Author of the novella, "The Horror inClay" , and the novel, "The Green Lama: Unbound". http://adamlgarcia.blogspot.com

"When a cover makes you drool over art and story all at the same time then it’s done it’s job and in just one image I’ve become immediately interested in this title."

John Barringer at ACB. http://acomicbookblog.com

Cover Art for Pro Se Press

Cover Art for Altus Press

Cover Art for Airship 27

Cover Art forUchronic Tales

"I have always liked illustration and tend to produce it either as Cover Art or Sequential imagery. The former is probably the more challenging because of the balance that needs to be struck between form and content, decoration and narrative. Cover Art, like the short story, gets a limited shot at indicating what lies beneath the cover. Stylistically, I'm keen on the commercial illustration of the mid 20th Century that was made to promote 'fringe' books (which included childrens's annuals), magazines and comics. There is so much creativity and artistic competence to found on the covers and within the pages of even the most mundane examples."

Mike Fyles.

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